Vivere180 - Premium Health Program

A quick explanation about the program:

Our premium health program focuses on your health with a low carbohydrate diet that is personally coordinated. With our personal online support, we accompany you over 3 months. By measuring ketones and body weight and recording diet and exercise, as well as analyzing specific blood values, we can continuously monitor your health and individualtailor “Step by Step” the program to your needs.
The program consists of a starter package with which you can measure your progress. You will receive a measuring device to determine ketones (degree of fat metabolism) as well as all necessary consumables.
In the personal support over 3 months, we analyze and optimize your diet and sport using a specific app, so we can carefully look after to your personal needs and requirements, workouts and recipe suggestions will also help you achieve your goals.

During the program you will have a 24/7 email help desk, in case of urgent questions or need individual support.