Vivere180 low-carb and gluten-free bread, 400grams.

Bread is one of the things is often missed on a lowcarb diet. This is because bread is often delicious and… highcarb. Together with the bakery Schueren (Hilden/Germany) we have created a bread which contains only 3grams of carb per slice, filling and delicious. It is made with almond flour and has a great taste just as it is and toasted. So you do not have to miss out on eating bread.

Pile on your favorite toppings and enjoy!

The bread is freshly baked by on Mondays and shipped the same day.
Please place your order the week before.

Storage advise:
If the Vivere180 bread is stored in the fridge, it will stay fresh for around 5 days without it losing flavor and freshness. We advise to keep the bread in a breathable (paper) bag.
The bread can also very good be frozen, where we advise to cut the bread in thin slices when bought and then you can take slice by slice out of the freezer!