About Us

Fuel your Health - The Vivere180 concept

The confronting background first: currently close to 1 in 2 citizens is overweight – even one in five people has an increased risk of diabetes. An important role is played by the formation of insulin resistance or impaired sugar tolerance, a major cause of type 2 diabetes melitus and obesity.

Our own experience as a pre-diabetic and endurance athlete was the start to launch Vivere180. Throughout the last years a team of nutritional doctor, sport scientist and nutrition expert as well as endurance athlete created a unique program to help people that are experiencing difficulties with weight, performance or life balance. The Vivere180 Programs are about eating a optimized carbohydrate diet, depending on your individual needs and your personal exercise programs, timed intermittent fasting and work on fat adaptation (use your own fat as fuel). We have seen very positive results with increased endurance, mental fitness and various blood markers.

The idea and core message behind Vivere180 is to guide people towards a lifestyle of improved well-being, longevity and at the same time enjoy delicious foods that focuses on sustainable insulin levels that keeps you mentally sharp and keeps you going longer.

Vivere is Italian for "life" – and with vivere180 we want to support all those who want to turn their life and diet 180 degrees. For a healthy, balanced and active lifestyle.