How it works

Fuel your Health - How the Vivere180 concept works

The confronting background first: Currently close to 1 in 2 persons is overweight – even one in five people has an increased risk of diabetes. In Germany by 2040 more than 12 million people are expected to be diabetic. An important role is played by the formation of insulin resistance or impaired carbohydrate and sugar tolerance, a major cause of Type 2 diabetes and obesity. The Vivere180 approach. With a reduction of refined foods, carbohydrates and sugar we can prevent  insulin resistance or put it in remission. Insulin resistance is the main cause for diabetes Type 2, obesity and high blood pressure. It also plays a important role in developing coronary heart diseases, strokes and cancer, a major driver in most, epidemic like civilization diseases.

Step by Step we help you with the Vivere180 Kick start program to the best version of you. The step plan below:

1. Inquiry of the existing medical conditions as well as allergies or nutritional intolerance's. Our medical professionals will assist if neede
2. Creating an realistic and practicable exercise or sport program by our sport professionals
3. You will receive a daily nutrition and exercise program guided by your personal Vivere180 specialist. The menu looks in general like:

Breakfast: Almond flour pancake with berries
Lunch: Variation of salad
Diner: Vegetables with fish, chicken or cheese.

Well formulated dietary supplements will be implemented to supply all needed nutrients. A vegetarian option is available. Please note that the program contains 2 days of intermittent fasting. We offer the Kick start program including our freshly baked low carbohydrate Vivere180 bread and/or the delicious Superfat nut butters. (available in the Shop). You will not feel hungry!

4. Your personal Vivere180 assistant will be available at any time to support you.
5. To maintain your new healthy lifestyle a 3 month follow up program is highly recommended. The follow up program completes your journey towards the best version of you!

Vivere is Italian for "life" – and with vivere180 we want to support all those who want to turn their life and diet 180 degrees. For a healthy, balanced and active lifestyle.