Common questions

Do I have support during the program?
...Yes, we offer 24/7 customer support via email and WhatsApp

Can I run the program during a working week?
...Yes, its normally not a problem

Are allergies or food intolerance's taken into account?
...Yes, the program will then be customized

I have to do sports every day?
...Exercise and sport are an important part of the program and have a very positive effect on the result. The sport should be practiced moderately and is adapted to the personal requirements.

How long will the effects of the program last?
...The changes will remain if you continue to eat a reduced carbohydrate sugar diet and exercise regularly. The Vivere180 follow up program is suitable as support for a long lasting effect.

What role do dietary supplements play?
...The dietary supplements are specifically tailored to the program. They ensure an optimal nutrient supply for the adjustments in the metabolism and are only used for the duration of the program.

 How may programs can I do per year?
...We recommend maximal 3x the 7 day program per year. The follow up program can be done permanently.