Why not test it?

Try a personally tailored carbohydrate-reduced diet to see if you like it
A carbohydrate-reduced diet has meanwhile been extensively investigated in both athletic and clinical studies. The diverse positive results speak for themselves. The American Diabetes Association (ADA) recently even recognized that it makes sense to reduce carbohydrates in certain therapeutic applications.
For a balanced diet, it is important to include enough fat, protein and a variety of micronutrients in our diet. The best way to achieve this is to eat high-quality whole foods that have not been pre-processed and do not contain any significant amounts of artificial additives, sugar, refined grains and industrially produced vegetable oils.
Carbohydrates are actually not an essential macronutrient for humans, and there is no clear evidence that eating a lot of fat, including saturated fat from meat, increases a person's risk of mortality and cardiovascular disease (as is commonly believed) .
People can tolerate different amounts of carbohydrates, so they can have very different effects.
For those of you who are very intolerant to carbohydrates, adjusting carbohydrates in your diet will literally be life-changing.

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