Nutrition a key to counter COVID-19?

Evidence shows that those with existing comorbidities are at a far greater risk of developing complications when infected and are more likely to suffer worse outcomes. So, if this is a case of simply being metabolically healthy, shouldn’t our diet be of interest in preventing the virus? A major contributor to lifestyle diseases is a poor diet. The existing medical reports show that the most prevalent conditions of infected patients are cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Their most likely contributing factor is a diet high in refined carbohydrates, and sugars. These health conditions have one thing in common, along with other health concerns they are collectively known as metabolic syndrome and this has a severe impact on proper immune function. This leaves a patient open to a number of complications during infection due to the impaired immune response of the body. The Vivere180 approach is based on a carbohydrate optimized nutrition for your best metabolic health and immune function. “We fuel your health”