Vivere180 - 7 day Low Carb Program & 12 week follow up

The 7day Low Carb kick start program including the 12 week follow up  is the ideal way to start and maintain your carb reduced nutrition. With a specific meal plan that reduces carbohydrate intake and increases your body’s fat metabolism, you will become more efficient at burning fat for energy including many health promoting effects. The combination of carb reduced meals and an easy daily training/exercise and specific supplements you will achieve the best results in terms of well-being, health and performance. The Vivere180 follow up program is focused on maintaining all the positive effects of the 7 day kick start program. To maintain the achieved body weight and health we give you practical advice to generally structure your meals and exercise/training for each week over 12 weeks. Each month contains one short kick start program with detailed food plan, exercise/training schedule and specific supplement. The Vivere180 program gives you practical advice to keep you on track on your carb optimized, healthy, powerful, lifestyle.

During the program you will have a 24/7 email help desk, in case of urgent questions or need individual support.

Note: This program contains for Coffee/Tea with butter and coconut oil and pancakes based on almond flour.