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Lifestyle interventions that use dietary carbohydrate reduction

Lifestyle interventions to reduce type 2 diabetes.

Why not test it?

Try a personally tailored carbohydrate-reduced diet to see if you like it

This is how diabetic live better - without insulin

Interview in Spiegel magazine with Chief physician Stephan Martin

Determine your resting metabolism

The resting metabolism to determine the daily calorie consumption

Low Carb beneficial for athelets?

Interesting overview of low carb nutrition for sports in the Journal of Physiology

Sugar consumption and the consequences

Documentation about high sugar consumption for a long time is dangerous for your health

Feedback from Lars on the V180 program

I was very excited to see how the Vivere180 program would work for me

Metabolic health and the corona virus

In the corona pandemic we observe a accompaniment by metabolic diseases like diabetes

Why we get overweight

Obesity causes a rapid increase in diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cancer

Probanden gesucht!

Für eine wissenschaftliche Pilotstudie suchen wir Probanden für das Vivere180 Kick Start Programm.

We fuel your health!

During our kick start program all of our customers experience an increase in well being. But more important we fuel your health!

Ketones ...measure to manage...

Ketone are a very reliable indicator of the degree of your fatty acid metabolism